AMA – A cartographic data platform

T⁠-⁠Kartor’s wayfinding platform

A City Wayfinding system is complex, with a hundred or more overlapping maps from the same master basemap at slightly different rotations, often using different styles for specific situations. As new stakeholders (from public transport, cycling, tourism, events and business) increase demand, new signs are added and a greater area of coverage. All this information must be managed and kept up to date in the long term.


  • Foster project champions by sharing access to the portal as the basemap is developed. Show basemap progress as the basemap grows and new products are installed on-street
  • Collate stakeholders’ contributions for everything from content selection to proofreading, with comments saved in position on the master basemap
  • Allow individual levels of access to project members with varying responsibilities
  • Share all project files in one place (e.g. print files), and link them to the map where required


  • Plan the distribution and roll-out of signs directly in the portal, by placing and rotating map frames, choosing between product types and outputting a draft version
  • Store all product type templates and design guidelines in one place to ensure consistent information across all the city’s wayfinding maps
  • Create automated and semi-automated map outputs, allowing simpler edits to be carried out in-house and affording economies of scale for large production batches
  • Download short-notice diversion maps for emergency travel disruptions
  • Visually track the progress of sign installations and updates to the basemap


  • Manage all your information assets from the portal with a geographic overview and visual record of each product
  • Track changes in the basemap and link these to products affected
  • See the current print file associated with each information asset
  • Create a sign maintenance regime using ‘Smart Updates’, directing resources where they will add most value
  • Check information overlaps for consistency