Contract award: Transport for London

TfL (Transport for London) has agreed a further four-year term with T⁠-⁠Kartor for cartography, now further expending our remit to include customer-facing maps for buses and all other surface transport modes.

We are proud to have partnered with TfL since 2000, and over the past two decades have strived continuously to support major transport improvements across the capital – from the introduction of Cycle Hire and Cycle Superhighways, to the roll-out of Legible London (more than 10,000 products and counting!), through to keeping London moving during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. All via the medium of clear, useful and ubiquitous maps.

So we embark on a new phase of working together, keen to explore how our data-driven approach to mapping can further maximise the value we offer TfL, and – most importantly – support every journey across London.