New collaboration with the worlds best orienteerer Tove Alexandersson

T⁠-⁠Kartor is the new partner on Tove´s side to support her developing even higher performances.

Tove’s name is well known in the Nordic countries. She has excellent skills in using a map to find the best way between check points. It doesn´t matter if they are in the city or in the forest, if it´s flat or hilly: With her strong physically, Tove finds them all.
Therefore it´s not very surprisingly that we at T⁠-⁠Kartor, as a leading company in the map/chart production, wants to support her on her way to the next gold medals and world cup victories.
If you haven´t seen Tove in action – you should do it: It´s a pleasure!

Tove Alexandersson on Instagram: tovealexandersson