Working close together with our customers to fulfil their demands

Tailored solutions

Our agile team tailor the solution to meet your needs. Installed on premises or as Software as a Service secures the development in a safe and cost-effective way. It provides flexibility for different needs for both small and large customers

How to tailor the solution

The COP platform has a modern and modular architecture. This means that we can cost-effectively develop services / applications together with customers. The solution can be installed on premise or via the T⁠-⁠Kartor cloud services.

The configurable open platform with available functions and APIs makes it easy to develop tailor made workflows with advanced integrations and high security resulting in cost effective applications with minimal risk exposure.

Software As A Service

Since 2018, T⁠-⁠Kartor offers SaaS solution, ie. cloud service. Our customers have the opportunity to choose our solutions as a service subscription or as a licence.

The COP platform have support for many different cloud supplier as Azure & AWS and for customers in public safety we use either our own swedish suited solution or any that our customer prefers