Our GIMS platform puts your world of information at your fingertips

GIMS – The Platform

Our core solution handles all data in a geospatial context, improving the basis for understanding, collaboration and information sharing between internal and external organisations with highest security demands. The GIMS platform has been operational since 2016.

Common operational picture

GIMS collects and views real-time data from internal and external sources and provides your organisation with a common operational picture enabling accurate decision making, saving resources, lives and environment. 


GIMS offers secure sharing of classified information within your organisation, with external rescue services and with other local, regional and national authorities. Using fast and effective tools, each user can easily add and share information including photos, drawings and videos etc. to and from the command centre.

Real-time information

The GIMS platform integrates and displays real-time data from all available sources. This includes weather data, real-time position of resources, satellite images and video feeds from drones and traffic cameras.  First responders can easily add and share data from the field enabling real-time situational updates.


The GIMS platform, integrating all information using open source and OGC standards, continuously updates the common operational picture with accurate information from within your organisation. In addition, the platform offers integration with over 50 external data sources and services. This means that your organisation can access all relevant information from one portal and in a user friendly way, making the information decision ready.

Shared Incident management system

Incident management processes, based on the high demands of command centres, are integrated with the geospatial library to visualise the ongoing situation. This enables, for example, constant tracking of resources’ positions on a map base. This joint situational awareness is made available to all actors, based on their security levels.

Collaboration between organisations

The interoperability platform enables secure collaboration between internal and external organisations with multidimensional data security. Working together both technical and social to achieve the same goal. Supporting National workflows like MSB ELS (Command and Control workflows).


The GIMS platform provides multiple ways of handling privileges. This ensures secure integration for sharing and collaboration between organisations and actors.

Military grade security

The security architecture behind GIMS has been accredited for use by NATO and has been in operational use for several years. The system supports multiple security levels, and interchanges between them, from open networks up to Top Secret/NATO Secret.

Multidimensional security

To satisfy high security demands we offer fine-grained security that supports role based access to specific information and data sets across all security levels. GIMS also provides advanced quality assurance and cataloguing of all data following ISO and OGC standards.