COP Training – A new way of training for the rescue services


MSB uses T⁠-⁠Kartor’s command and control system, GIMS, to simulate rescue scenarios for training the Swedish rescue services. The system provides an online visualisation of theoretical rescue situations, where instructors can walk through each scenario in detail on a map.


The COP Training platform builds up a fictional environment and simulates emergencies which can be tracked over time. Emergencies such as chemical truck accidents or train evacuations can be walked through systematically, showing the consequences of alternative plans of action. Training can be held indoors or in the field, and instructors can add hospitals, roads or schools and various weather patterns to create a realistic, complex scenario.

COP Training has a tailored training workflow, improving its ability to follow up and give feedback to students.


MSB training will educate hundreds of emergency services personnel, especially in leadership, during which time the platform will be further improved in response to feedback from the courses. T⁠-⁠Kartor’s goal for COP Training is to further develop the tool for simulations for on-site and online training corresponding to future needs.