Swedish Transport Administration

OLS creates opportunities for efficient proactive and reactive disruption management for road and rail traffic


T⁠-⁠Kartor has developed and delivered an Operational Management System (OLS) for the Swedish Transport Administration. This system will provide for efficient, proactive and reactive disruption management for Sweden’s nationwide and all four regional control centres.


OLS connects data and information from a number of diverse systems at the Swedish Transport Administration including the train operators to an overall situational awareness overview, including associated decision support.

OLS allows its users to carry out the following:

  • Assessment: be able to create different types of situational awareness overviews, for the most appropriate operational picture of ongoing events
  • Decision-taking: take decisions based on the current situation and in accordance with rules and regulations based on input data
  • Communication: communicate decisions effectively, both internally and externally, with a high level of security
  • Follow-up: continually follow up progress using the information provided


A modern management support system is delivered, which will increase the availability of facilities by streamlining work with potential and ongoing disruptions. OLS is designed for 24/7 operation with high performance security, creating opportunities for efficient, proactive and reactive disruption management for both road and rail traffic.